Monday, 16 October 2017

September-Off to school

We have been very busy settling in to school. We're having so much fun making friends in Room 1. Have a look at what we get up to during play time (Aistear)-first we plan for play, then the fun begins and finally we review our play!!!

It's time to say hello

Our adventure starts here

Welcome to our class blog. Here you will have access to everything that goes on behind the classroom door. We hope you enjoy watching us grow as we learn new and exciting things everyday.

Meet some of the newest members of Scoil Mhuire......

Making friends 


Our first month in Junior Infants was so much fun. We enjoyed making new friends as we played with each other during Aistear. Have a look at how busy we were

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Summer Time


Happy holidays....

Wishing you all a happy and fun filled summer. Remember to stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all in September.

Today's the day the teddy bears have a picnic......

Excitement filled the classroom when we brought our teddy bears into school. Teacher told us we were bringing them on a picnic and we couldn't wait. We put our bags on our back, held onto our teddies and away we went to the park. We played in the playground-we loved the swings, slide, climbing frame and much more. We had a picnic on the grass with blankets for our teddies. We worked so hard all year in Room 1 and the boys and girls really deserved this treat so well done!!!! We will always remember this day as a really fun day.


Phonics made fun....

When the sunshine is out, we must make the most of the outdoors. Have a look at what we got up to with phonics.....who thought we could play hopscotch and hockey with our letters and sounds!





Little Drummers.....

In Room 1, we love music, singing songs and playing instruments. We were very lucky to get a visit from Neil the drummer. He showed different types of drums-big ones, small ones, narrow ones and wide ones. They all made different sounds. We made lots of noise that day but learned how to make music with the drums. Neil was very patient with us :) It was a great day.

Sports day was so much fun. We had a beautiful sunny day and we made the most of it by playing sports orientated games in the field. We were very busy and active and when teacher blew the whistle, we had to move to the next station. We played basketball, parachute games, hockey races, beanbag balancing, domes and saucers and many more. Lots of exercise was had that day and we were ready to collapse when we were finishing up. Well done to all the boys and girls who took part.

We drew some of our favourite activities from Sports Day.

 Have a look......

Aistear in the Sun

We made most of the fine weather in May and brought Aistear play outdoors. We engaged in messy water play and we didn't mind getting wet and teacher didn't mind if the water spilled everywhere-we were outside after all. Other stations included a PE station where we could make up our own games with rules, a chalk drawing station where we could use large chalk to draw and write on the concrete or on the walls-some of us practised writing and letters and our numbers so well done! We love Junk Art and and we had so much space outside to construct and make things. The ice-cream van role-play corner was our favourite. We could make ice-cream of all flavours, serve it to our customers who queued patiently with their money and requested their orders. We wore aprons and hats, just like the way they do in real life. We had lots of fun as Room 2 and 3 joined us outside....

On our last day of Aistear outside, our teachers had an ice-cream party for us. We were so lucky! Teachers served up the ice-cream in cones and it was delicious!!!

Our Environment

In the month of May, we learned all about our environment and people in our environment such as the postman, doctor, nurse, the guard and many more. We had a special visitor who came in to see us-Garda JJ. He wore his uniform and told us all about the different jobs he has to do each day-he showed us some of his tools too and even let us try on his uniform..........

Teacher brought us on a little tour around our school and we saw lots of things...other schools, the GAA club, the church, the bus stop, the flags outside our school which represent that we are a 'Green School', the zebra crossing. We could also see 'The Round Tower' from the church. We drew lots of picture of what we saw in our copies.